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yoga flow for stress, peace and health

  (currently on zoom)

A vigorous but gentle Vinyasa yoga class, which shows students how to be fully mindful in each asana. This class presents yoga as a playful dance between body, mind and breath that can return us to ourselves each time we come to the mat with an open heart and good intention.

Beginners always welcome.

I am a yoga teacher for all seasons, and I have been teaching my style of yoga for more than 20 years. I was first introduced to yoga practice as a child by my  babysitter, an accomplished yogini and professional flutist. From private to large group classes, I have taught my style of yoga at many venues in Long island, NYC and Philadelphia. For many years I was the Resident Yoga Instructor at Triune Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Old City Philadelphia. I developed and taught Beginner’s Yoga Courses at Yoga Child (now Yoga Garden), also in Philadelphia. I am prenatal certified, and teach yoga for pregnant mothers as well as yoga for children.

With so many yoga teachers and classes to choose from now, you may well ask what is truly different about my classes. It is an improvisatory spirit and, most importantly, the influence of laughter and literature. My style of teaching comes as much from my being a poet as it does from my yoga training. My style of yoga helps you to enhance and deepen your awareness and appreciation of the comedy of life. As Zen Master Dogen advised: You should laugh at both the view of the unconditional and the livelihood in the demon's cave.  

1 hour class

Sundays:  10 am EST  

Cost: $15 per class (Packages and Covid-19 hardship discounts available)

Class videos also available. Contact me for private


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