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"...captures the essence of

     what is important in life..."

                                                         ––National Jewish Post & Opinion


    "Because this is so accessible and real...

      how can we resist trying this adventure too?

      What Yiddish Yoga offers readers is a way

      to really do it. It is simply irresistible."

                                                                                                   ---Sonoma Seniors Council

         A ‘coming of age’ tale—at 73!

       Ruthie, a recently widowed Jewish grandmother, receives the improbable gift of yoga classes from her granddaughter, "to help you grieve, Bubbe." What follows is a surprising, fantastic journey of self-discovery and re-invention, as, kvetching and stretching, she goes from survival to revival, learning yoga and braiding, challah-like, the Yiddish old with the American yoga new.


    Learning how to live with loss, to remember and to make new memories, while rediscovering family, allowing for new friends and love; she adjusts her old body and

way of life into new positions and new life with often hilarious, poignant results. It is

a story of unexpected possibilities in later life and love.

        As Ruthie says:  “In dreams begin flexibilities.”

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