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 Writing consultant and

  Editing services                      

     I have studied and taught Literature (prose, poetry, theatre plays)---in several languages, along with religion and philosophy, for many years. I teach academic and creative writing as well as playwriting courses at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I have worked with students to develop the writing for their research papers and dissertations, and, as an editor, with a number of published poets, fiction writers and scholars.

     It is my approach as a reader and editor, my intuitions and insights into different kinds and styles of narrative and personal voice, as well as my professional courtesy and promptness in completion of assigned work, which especially favor the work a client needs to be done.

      I do copyediting, line editing and developmental editing, and proofreading, for scholars and academics, for poets, fiction writers, for non-fiction writers (memoir, self-help, etc.), for grants and proposals, dissertations, for corporate presentations and press-releases, for business and Foundation blogs, to name these.    

       As an editor, I am, first and foremost, an accomplished reader. A reader who has a well-trained ear for the tone and character, the rhythm and the music, of a writer's sentence, whether in fiction or non-fiction; a reader who has matured insight into story structure and the development of character (for fiction writing) and into style, content and argument (for non-fiction).

    What is important, I feel, is that an editor uses her experience with language and literature to help make each sentence of a client's writing the best of itself. 

        Thomas Mann said: "A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is

for other people." Each work of writing presents its own difficulty. We––a writer, an editor,

engage the difficulty.

        I offer editing services in collaboration with my husband, Robert G. Margolis, himself

        an editor and literary translator.

                              to discuss your writing project. 

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