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Almost Pregnant

(complete performance video available for private viewing)

     In Almost Pregnant, Becca, the main character, a 40-something married woman, must creatively adapt to her condition of infertility. As an adopted woman who has no biological ties to her past, and as an infertile woman,  she wrestles with her condition: she is, she say, in “eggs-isle.” Becca dubs herself a “genetic island” because she is adopted and her eggs are “mature,” a fertility euphemism for old. Joined by her alter egos, Estrogen and Lucky, two live puppets, who serve as the chorus, wise fools, and comic relief, the play is a weave of stories, tragic and funny, about motherhood, fate, the transmission of identity, nature vs. nurture, and God.


     The play dramatizes how Rebecca creatively re-imagines her identity and how she adapts to her situation in a very Jewish, very human way, through humor, self- reflection, and soul-searching. In Rebecca’s character there is to be found a contemporary commentary on kinship and motherhood.


Revised and expanded full-length play under artistic development with The Squeaky Bicycle Theatre Company, Velodrome Artistic Lab.

Selected by Alliance for Jewish Theatre Annual Conference as a workshop production. Philadelphia 2018. 

Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2018. Full-length production. Directed by Hamutal Posklinksy, Adrienne Theatre, Philadelphia PA.


Almost Pregnant: The ABC’s of Infertility. A full-length play premiered at the Old City Jewish Arts Center as part of The ART of Infertility traveling art exhibit. Fall 2017. Directed by Hamutal Posklinksy.

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Cast (left to right):  Kellie Cooper (Estrogen), Clare Golden Drake (Becca), Mark C. Johnson (Lucky), Gabe Miller (violin)

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