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First prize in the Moonstone Arts Center International Poetry Contest

"Lisa Grunberger’s I Am Dirty gives us a perceptive eye in evocative poems in which an acute consciousness translates into perfect metaphors and surprising images. “On the night I betrayed you / my writer’s block ended” gives us a taste of what’s to come. Or, “On the night I betrayed you / the wind sounded like an ambulance / come to extinguish me.” These poems could only have been written by a woman, a woman deeply conscious of her condition even as her words soar beyond it. These are poems to be read and reread. I believe the years to come will bring us much more of worth from the author of I Am Dirty."
                                             ––Margaret Randall, Judge of Moonstone Poetry Contest


from I am dirty 
Lisa Grunberger - I am dirty, Evidence oArtist Name
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Lisa Grunberger - I AM DIRTY - Cover.jpg

Cover art by Andi Arnovitz and used with her permission

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